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Jamie Oliver

5 Ingredients Mediterranean

5 Ingredients Mediterranean

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Simple Incredible Food

5 Ingredients Mediterranean is a delightful culinary journey inspired by Jamie's lifelong Mediterranean travels. Featuring 125+ easy, mouthwatering recipes, this book elevates everyday cooking with minimal effort, taking you to sun-soaked destinations. Most recipes are meat-free or meat-reduced, bursting with bold flavours, spanning categories like salads, seafood, and sweets. Discover dishes like smoky aubergine and sizzling squid, embracing Mediterranean essence in quick, exciting recipes.

Format: Hardback
Length: 320 pages
Publication date: 31 August 2023
Publisher: Penguin Books

About 5 Ingredients Mediterranean

The book "5 Ingredients Mediterranean" encapsulates the essence of what readers cherished in the initial volume. However, it adds a distinct element of allure by drawing inspiration from Jamie's lifelong wanderings throughout the Mediterranean region. This infusion of personal experiences and cultural influences elevates the culinary journey the book offers to new heights.

Within its pages, you'll discover a treasure trove of over 125 delectable recipes, each thoughtfully crafted to be both sumptuous and simple to follow. The central philosophy revolves around infusing everyday cooking with an abundance of excitement while keeping the complexity at bay, all the while mentally transporting you to the sun-soaked shores of the Mediterranean.

These recipes serve as your culinary empowerment, allowing you to create incredibly flavourful dishes without the need for an extensive array of ingredients, laborious shopping lists, or an avalanche of dishes to clean afterward. Moreover, an impressive 65% of these recipes are either meat-free or offer meat in reduced proportions, ensuring a diverse range of options for everyone's palate, all while delivering bold and satisfying flavours.

The book is structured into thoughtfully organised chapters that span the culinary spectrum. From "Salads, Soups, and Sarnies" to "Pasta, Veg, Pies, and Parcels," and from "Seafood" to "Fish," "Chicken," "Duck," "Meat," and "Sweet Things," there is something to tantalise your taste buds for every day of the week and every special occasion.

Delightful dishes grace the pages, promising a culinary adventure that includes:

1. Tender smoky aubergine
2. Epic prawns & beans
3. Rogue ratatouille risotto
4. Sizzling squid
5. Island salad
6. Herby steak & crispy potatoes
7. Easy fig tart
8. Jools' chocolate dreams

In essence, "5 Ingredients Mediterranean" serves as a vibrant celebration of the heroic flavours and ingredients inherent to the Mediterranean culinary tradition. It encapsulates quick and straightforward recipes designed to inject a dash of excitement into your daily cooking routine, beckoning you to explore the rich tapestry of Mediterranean cuisine with ease and enthusiasm. So, embark on this gastronomic adventure and let your taste buds be serenaded by the sun-kissed flavours of the Mediterranean.

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Dimension: 250 x 197 x 31 (mm)
ISBN-13: 9780241431160

 About author Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is an international culinary sensation and a prominent advocate for food-related causes.

Over a span of 24 years in television and publishing, he has achieved remarkable success, selling nearly 50 million books worldwide and captivating millions with his TV shows across the globe. His empire of thriving restaurants extends to 22 countries, boasting over 70 establishments. Additionally, his expanding line of top-tier kitchen and food products encompasses a wide array, from cookware and utensils to pre-made pasta, ready-to-eat grains, flavourful curry pastes, and much more. Consequently, Jamie has galvanised an entire generation to revel in the pleasure of crafting fresh, delectable meals from scratch.

Jamie has penned 26 bestselling cookbooks, securing his position as the most successful non-fiction author in UK history. Notably, his 2019 work, "Veg," has surpassed 1 million copies sold worldwide, emerging as the best-selling vegetarian cookbook in the UK and Australia. His latest masterpiece, "One," generated unprecedented pre-orders, marking a new pinnacle in his literary career.

Beyond his television and literary endeavours, Jamie actively engages with his audience through various digital platforms, producing and appearing in exclusive content for platforms such as, the Jamie Oliver YouTube channels, and various social media outlets.

Jamie's culinary journey commenced at the age of eight when he began cooking at his parents' pub, The Cricketers, in Clavering, Essex. After completing his education, he embarked on a culinary career that led him to the renowned River Café, where he was serendipitously discovered by a television producer, giving birth to the Naked Chef persona. Jamie, in collaboration with the youth movement BiteBack 2030, is steadfast in his mission to inspire and empower more individuals to relish the pleasures and benefits of preparing and savoring nutritious, sustainable, and well-balanced meals. This aspiration to foster food equity is at the core of Jamie's company-wide commitment to create a happier, healthier world through the joy of food.

Presently, Jamie resides in Essex alongside his wife Jools and their five children.

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