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Jeneane O'Riley

How Does It Feel?

How Does It Feel?

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Callie Peterson, a biologist, falls through a fairy portal and into the arms of the Unseelie Fae prince, Prince Mendax. He imprisons her in his realm, but his obsession with her grows. He challenges her to three deadly trials, and if she survives, she gains her freedom, but if she doesn't, his wrath is only just beginning.

Format: Paperback / softback
Length: 384 pages
Publication date: 26 March 2024
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc

When Callie Peterson, a biologist, embarks on a perilous journey into the forest to gather a rare mushroom for her research, she unexpectedly finds herself transported through a fairy portal and into the arms of the enigmatic and captivating Unseelie Fae prince, Mendax. The prince, known for his unhinged nature and striking appearance, immediately perceives her as a threat and imprisons her in his realm. However, as time passes, Mendax's obsession with Callie grows, and he begins to see her in a different light.

Initially, Mendax views Callie as an assassin sent by the humans to eliminate him. He detests her presence and desires to rid himself of her, but her beauty captivates him, and he finds himself unable to resist her allure. He yearns to touch her smooth skin, a forbidden desire among the Unseelie royals who would rather burn than come into contact with a human.

As Mendax's obsession deepens, he realizes that Callie may be the only one capable of destroying him. He desperately needs to be rid of her, but he also understands the importance of entertaining his people. Thus, he challenges Callie to three deadly trials, offering her freedom if she survives. However, if she fails, his wrath is only just beginning.

Callie must navigate through treacherous obstacles and face her deepest fears to emerge victorious in the trials. She must harness her scientific knowledge and survival instincts to outwit Mendax and his minions, who are determined to see her fail. Along the way, she discovers hidden strengths and abilities that she never knew she possessed, and she forms unexpected alliances with other creatures in the realm.

As the trials draw to a close, Callie faces a final showdown with Mendax. In a climactic battle, she must confront her own demons and embrace her true identity to defeat the prince and claim her freedom. With determination and courage, Callie emerges victorious, and she is granted her freedom.

The story of Callie and Mendax explores the themes of obsession, loyalty, and the boundaries between different worlds. It is a tale of redemption, self-discovery, and the power of love and courage to overcome even the most formidable obstacles.

Weight: 268g
Dimension: 198 x 126 x 22 (mm)
ISBN-13: 9781464226618

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