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Allison Shaw

Persephone: Hades' Torment

Persephone: Hades' Torment

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In the Seven Seas + Hiveworks line-up, a seductive, full-color graphic novel tells the story of Persephone, the spirited daughter of Demeter, who meets Hades and falls in love.

Format: Paperback / softback
Length: 164 pages
Publication date: 23 November 2021
Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC

A captivating and visually stunning graphic novel from the Seven Seas and Hiveworks collaboration!

According to ancient lore, the Lord of the Dead cunningly abducted the virtuous daughter of Demeter, or did he? The reality is far more intricate than that. Persephone, though portrayed as a helpless damsel in distress, is a spirited young woman who struggles under the suffocating influence of her overbearing mother. In a failed attempt by Apollo, Persephone crosses paths with the enigmatic and captivating Hades, who is instantly smitten by her. However, Hades finds himself torn between his raging desires and the need to maintain control over his emotions. As he battles with his conflicted heart, Persephone herself is consumed by an insatiable longing.

This captivating tale delves into the intricate web of love, betrayal, and the supernatural, offering readers a fresh and intriguing perspective on Greek mythology. With its vibrant artwork, compelling characters, and thought-provoking narrative, "Persephone: The Captive" is a must-read for fans of graphic novels and mythology enthusiasts alike.

Weight: 414g
Dimension: 143 x 212 x 15 (mm)
ISBN-13: 9781648276514

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