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Gino Wickman,Rob Dube

Shine: How Looking Inward Is the Key to Unlocking True Entrepreneurial Freedom

Shine: How Looking Inward Is the Key to Unlocking True Entrepreneurial Freedom

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Driven entrepreneurs often struggle to balance their inner and outer worlds, leading to burnout. Gino Wickman and Rob Dube's book Shine offers 10 disciplines to help readers strike a balance between success and well-being, including setting boundaries, recognizing burnout, and tapping into a flow state.

Format: Hardback
Length: 256 pages
Publication date: 20 March 2024
Publisher: BenBella Books

Driven entrepreneurs often possess a relentless drive to succeed, fueled by their brilliance. However, this same relentless pursuit of success can have a detrimental impact on their teams, personal relationships, and even their well-being. Gino Wickman, bestselling author of "Traction," collaborates with mindfulness expert Rob Dube in "Shine" to share their personal journeys and offer valuable insights to help readers achieve a harmonious balance between their inner and outer worlds, while propelling their success to new heights.

In this enlightening book, Wickman and Dube introduce 10 disciplines that empower readers to maintain sharpness and vitality without succumbing to burnout. Through practical strategies and actionable insights, readers will learn how to:

Set boundaries in their work life that enhance their leadership skills and personal growth, without compromising productivity.
Recognize the signs of burnout and stress before they escalate, and adopt sustainable practices to reset their energy levels.
Harness the power of a flow state to unlock their full creative potential and achieve clarity of thought.
Navigate their career and life with ease, making informed decisions and overcoming obstacles with grace.

"Shine" is a groundbreaking approach to work-life balance and achieving inner peace. It includes a self-assessment survey, a comprehensive resource guide, and thought-provoking prompts at the end of each chapter, allowing readers to reflect on their personal growth and apply the lessons learned to their lives.

By embracing the disciplines outlined in "Shine," entrepreneurs can unlock their full potential while maintaining a healthy and fulfilling personal life. This book serves as a valuable guide for anyone seeking to achieve success while maintaining a harmonious balance between their professional and personal endeavors.

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Dimension: 217 x 147 x 24 (mm)
ISBN-13: 9781637745144

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